RO#______________________ VEH

  1. Prior to performing any repair work on your vehicle, White Eagle Auto Body shall provide an estimate of repairs at your request and White Eagle Auto Body shall perform all repair work pursuant to terms and limitations of that estimate. White Eagle Auto Body shall replace any parts on the vehicle which it determines, in its reasonable professional judgment, are necessary to repair the vehicle.White Eagle Auto Body may move your vehicle to OSWEGO/Naperville shop location to provide load leveling and to best expedite the repairs to your vehicle.

  2. Due to unforeseen circumstances beyond the control of White Eagle Auto Body, estimated completion and delivery dates are to be considered an approximation only. Delivery dates are not guaranteed and White Eagle Auto Body is not responsible for vehicle rental cost incurred after the estimated completion date.

  3. White Eagle Auto Body is authorized to operate your vehicle on the roads and highways, for the purpose of testing and/or inspection of the repair work.

  4. White Eagle Auto Body is not responsible for the loss or damage to the vehicle, or to items left in the vehicle batteries, windows tint, phones, alarm or custom electronics. including, but not limited to remote car starters.

  5. If your vehicle is moved from White Eagle Auto Body before authorized repairs are performed., a fee for all diagnostic work, vehicle handling, storage, towing, labor refinishing and/or parts ordered will be made.

  6. You will be charged a disassemble and reassemble fee if your vehicle was disassembled and White Eagle Auto Body does not complete the repairs.

  7. Pursuant it the Illinois Automotive Repair Act (815 ILCS 306/1 et. Seq.), White Eagle Auto body shall have a valid artisan’s lien against your vehicle to secure the prompt payment of all amounts due hereunder. It is further understood and agreed that the vehicle listed above shall not be abandoned to White Eagle Auto Body in lieu of any repair, storage, or other related charges. In addition, the customer will be responsible for all collection costs, including but not limited to court costs and reasonable attorneys fees, if the invoice is not paid in full at the time repairs are completed.

  8. Storage charges of $50.00 a day will begin accruing 5 business days after repairs have been completed unless specified otherwise.

  9. Please note! White Eagle Auto Body will not be responsible for any damage on vehicle when repairs are completed, if vehicle is dropped off before hours without an exterior inspection being completed with a W.E.A.B. employee and owner being present to verify any damage that was caused not related to repairs.

  10. I understand that I will be fully responsible for any and all costs incurred, including attorney fees, court cost, administrative fee, if I place any stop payment on repairs after they have been completed.

  11. I understand that W.E.A.B. may not release my vehicle until it has received payment in full. And by my signature I acknowledge that I have read and agreed to the terms and conditions stated herein
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